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Gift game

This Christmas, it felt like Dotty really came into her own when it came to getting stuck into her presents. I wouldn’t say she fully understood what was going on BUT she was definitely more interested in her swag, making the day of whichever wonderful person was watching her turn over, push about or chew their gift in front of the tree.

In preparation, I spent a fair amount of time researching things that would genuinely benefit her; specific clothing, sensory toys,  physio aids, etc and kept lists to pass on to friends and family whenever they asked what they could buy her. This made the world of difference! As her condition affects her progression, we can sometimes find ourselves receiving  gifts (particularly toys) that we have to store for years as they’re just too advanced for her. For example, at nearly 4 years old she’s tracking at around the level of a 1 year old which means that’s she going to get more use from the baby-toddler ranges than those aimed at her peer group, which for her are at worst, choking hazards or things she just plain ignores.

This year, we hit it out the park and were fortunate enough to receive an amazing stash in line with her mini mad skillz that totally float our developmental boat. Check them out…

From top left to right:

  1. Fluffy bunny onesie from Tesco Direct keeps her cosy AND is super comfy for physio at the weekends
  2. Limited edition Disney X Cath Kidston back pack is the perfect size for nursery
  3. Sensory musical toy from Amazon is one she really responds to
  4. Peek-a-boo Elmo is one of her new faves
  5. Enjoy scrunchies galore in this stellar late 80’s/early 90’s sing & sign DVD
  6. Strengthening her core and pushing her physio is made much easier with these peanut shaped bad boys
  7. Singing to Sesame Street & attempting to maintain a tidy car means this Amazon buy is a hit with Team G
  8. Zip up Grobags that go up to age 10 are amazing and make sleepovers more manageable
  9. Specialist adaptive range popper vest and sleepsuits that go up to age 16 from M&S allow quick/easy access when changing nappies
  10. Dotties dresses are perfect smock shaped garms that are equal parts adorable and comfortable for little miss
  11. Pastel coloured bath toys of dreams from Demedo
  12. Bright Stars drums keep her entertained for hours
  13. Admittedly obsessed with PJs, this Their Nibs set was a steal from TK Maxx
  14. These giant play mats live permanently in our kitchen and make the daily face plants less painful when she’s feeling adventurous
  15. More bath toys in the form of stacking buckets by Skip Hop
  16. Last but not least, the most irritatingly loud buttons that she LOVES are helping her master the art of cause and effect.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg – what a lucky and loved little lady she is.

Crazy to think she’ll be spoiled rotten again on her birthday in a couple of weeks – I’ve no idea where we’ll put anything else… eeeeek! That’s a challenge for another day. For now, here’s a little film I made of our best Christmas yet.
We hope you had a mega one.

Em xx